We offer legal support in the area of IT projects, intellectual property and e-commerce.

We deal with legal issues related to computer software, IT solutions, and the processing, transmission, storage, protection, and presentation of information. 

We provide the following services:

  1. consulting in the field of data collection and processing in information systems and in the field of database protection;
  2. advice in connection with disputes arising from infringement of copyrights to software and using the software in a manner inconsistent with the content of the licence agreement;
  3. legal support concerning mobile applications, their implementation and maintenance as well as formulating the rules of using such applications,
  4. legal issues concerning advertising, promotion and marketing, including in social media.

We provide professional customer service in the field of on-line trade.

In particular, we offer support in the form of:

  1. creating provisions for shop regulations, websites, Internet platforms, mobile applications, privacy policies, cookie policies, model orders, model withdrawal from the contract in the scope of services provided by the Client;
  2. creating and giving opinions on contracts and other documents necessary for on-line activity;
  3. developing complaint procedures, designing warranty conditions for goods and services sold, and developing goods return policy;
  4. verification of solutions adopted by the Client in the conducted electronic activity and related documents (e.g. regulations) in terms of their compliance with the law;
  5. legal advice in the field of consumer rights protection, consumer sales, concluding distance contracts;
  6. advice on protection against unfair competition (e.g. illegal use of photographs of goods, their descriptions, trademarks, etc.);
  7. advice on running and creating partnership and loyalty programs, competitions for consumers, including the preparation of regulations and necessary documentation;
  8. conducting court and out-of-court cases related to infringements of rights resulting from the provision of services by electronic means, such as acts of unfair competition, protection of personal rights and copyrights, protection of Internet domains and protection against unsolicited commercial information;